Who we are

Welcome to the DBME research group!

This group is a collaborative research group between biologists, clinicians, epidemiologists, and computer scientists. DBME group aims to work on Metabolic diseases, Emerging diseases, Infectious diseases, Common public health issues, in silico drug designing, drug effect study, and Computational Biology. Running projects of this group include- Diabetes, Cancer, Antibiotic resistance, and Hormonal disorders. You can join us by donating for research or working as an intern or volunteer. Make tomorrow better! We bring together community, researchers, clinicians, students and funders, who share our vision to improve the health and happiness of people through quality in research.

Our goal is to excel the quality and create a research institute that makes a real difference in South Asia, which will benefit mass people everywhere.

Our vision

The DBME will be a quality platform in medical and molecular epidemiological research delivering improvements in human health for underprivileged countries.


Our mission

To conduct innovative research that deciphers into eternal health benefits.

Our values


Respect is at the core of our organization. We treat everyone in our diverse community with honesty, integrity, and respect.


It is a group of like-minded individuals with enthusiasm in modern medical research, using our creativity and the latest technology in our thirst for medical and public health breakthroughs.


We bring a passion and commitment to in all approaches of our work.


We recognize the strength of working with each other and our collaborators to achieve the amazing results for which we strive.